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Main Activities of the Company

 The company focuses in two main activities:

 Α) The focal point is the production and trade of a wide variety of textile products (weaving, knitting, embroidery, sewing), as well as the import and trade of ready made products of well known companies (DMC, GUTTERMAN, MADEIRA, CERVINIA, IPC, etc).

 B) Following a long anticipated decision to enter profitable niche markets within the frame of its strategic planning the company entered in 2015 the sector of brokerage and commercial services, in the the FMCG market, concentrating on food products such as sunflower & olive oil, sugar, rice, honey, etc. Utilizing its sales, distribution and import/export expertise along with its close contacts with certified domestic and international producers the company has managed to produce solid results in the market.

 The company's success is based on the following principles:

 Reinforcement of its position in the market.
 Production of high quality products.
 Offering of high level services.
 Impeccable organizational structure – Strictly selected personnel, highly skilled.
 Fast and efficient service to company's customers.
 Establish of strong ties with its customers.
 Intensive promotion of our products and services through public relations and effective distribution channels.

 Plants - Facilities

 El. D. Mouzakis Group of Companies operating out of three (3) privately owned plants and offices:
A) Plant #1 located in Central Athens, 1-5 Proodou St., and 2-4 Proodou St. The plot expands in 43.916m2 with a covered area of 45,427m2 and outbuilding area of 1,496m2.
B) Plant #2 located in Central Athens, at 41 Kifissou Ave. The plot has an area of 16,438m2 and covered area of 20,016m2.
Both plants are at close proximity with one another.
C) Plant #3 located at Paschalitsa location, Karditsa County. The plot has an area of 78,690m2 and covered area of 18,336m2.

 In total all three plants' aggregate plot area reaches 139,041m2 and covered area of 83,779m2. The Central Administration Offices are located at Plant #2.


 Organizational Structure